What should you know being a Train Passenger in India?

There are many things that you should know as a train traveller. The more you know about the facilities, provisions and options provided by railways; the better it would be for you. Being a passenger, the more you know about everything, the better you experience.

Whether sitting arrangements, Food on Train or any other facility; you can ensure that your traveling is comfortable and cosy. You just have to be informed about everything that is there and how you can avail it. It is good to know about your rights and what you can have.

Is your ticket in waiting list?

PNR stands for passenger name record.  It is a number that tells you about the present status of your ticket on wait list or also on RAC i.e. reservation against cancellation queue. In case you purchase a WL ticket or an RAC ticket, you are going to be assigned a distinct 10-digit PNR number. In case you have done booking of your ticket on last moment for a trip or journey and it is in waiting list; don’t worry. There would be no need to panic. You can easily keep in touch with the updates via PNR status.  Once you go through the passenger name record, you get the particulars right there. You can conveniently check it online and in this way you stay informed about the confirmation of the ticket.

How helpful is PNR Number?

In the past, passengers used to wander here and there to search if their tickets are confirmed or not. But Ever since the concept of PNR has come into existence, individuals get updates quickly and without any risk. Such a thing not only saves so much of time and energy but you stay up-to-date about everything. Many of you might have journeyed by train long back right? Since that is the case you have a bitter and lazy perception about Indian railways.  

Well, you should go on a train journey now in 2019. This journey will come as an eye opener.   These are the train facilities that ensure that you get all the information and data that too without any inconvenience. Whether you are in taxi or packing your luggage, right from your mobile or PC you can know the status of the train. Whether you want to know about the ticket availability, the types of trains, their routes, train coaches or even train facilities; you can know about everything.

There are three quick ways to check your PNR status. Have a look:

  • Through SMS service
  • Via a smartphone application
  • Online via your PC

You can send your 10-digit PNR number on the three digit number 139.  You can send 10-digit PNR number to 5676747 as well. Finally there are various applications and platforms out there that can instantly get you the particulars. In this way you will get a proper picture of the status of your ticket.  The great part is that you can avail all the amenities provided by railways right from your ease and comfort zone.


Thus, once you know about all these things, the information would come handy in the times of need.